Selected Film Writing

Robin Hood & politics

How the myth was turned on its head

JFK and Zapruder

The Zapruder film: documentary, art object, snuff movie


Black Panther and Africa on screen

Hollywood's Asian problem

On Ghost In The Shell and whitewashing


The horror genre gets a shake-up; the fans don't like it

The Isis propaganda war

How Islamist terror groups turn Hollywood against itself

‘Not Black Enough’

the identity crisis that haunted Whitney Houston

A Landscape of Lies

The inside story of an elaborate film tax fraud

Sci-fi with feeling

Arrival, emotions and women in sci-fi

A history of blackface

Including Rachel Dolezal, Ali G and Barack Obama

Brexit and British cinema

Dunkirk, Darkest Hour and Harry Potter

Swinging London at 50

How foreign film-makers found the dark heart of the 60s

Black Films Matter

The decline and rebirth of African American cinema

'How to stop an out-of-control president'

Documentary, truth and propaganda in the age of Trump

The great JT Leroy hoax

Asia Argento and the literary sensation who fooled us all

"Family is gross"

On Transparent and non-nuclear TV families

Trump Vs Hollywood

Meryl Streep and Trump's performance anxiety

Rotten Tomatoes

How the movie ratings site has changed the game

Twin Peaks

How David Lynch changed warped television forever

Are superheroes the good guys?

On the morality (or otherwise) of modern superheroes